Zekun’s Halloween Costume

This week I tried to finish making the headpiece so I can focus on the codes next week. I made the base of it first. Then I tried to find out how to attach the LEDs to the base. At first, I tried to braid the electric wire with the chain. Because the electric wire is too stiff when I try to tie the wires with the metal chains, the base( metal chains) will lose its original shape. I also thought about using glue or tape to tie them together, but I gave up that idea because it will not look clean.

Then I found this online, and it inspired me to add an extra electric wire without attaching it to metal chains.


This is the sample code I found. This code didn’t work very well with my circuit, but I made some adjustments.


This tinkercad circuit I made based on that code, it now has a gradient from pink to green.

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