Cookie Jar Tracker

I started the exercises and ran into the same problem that Margarita did with my breadboard not having enough holes for the wire and the resister. I tried a few different solutions but they only kept my LED on permanently. After checking the miro board I decided to put this one on hold, but I think that I am very close with that. I got the Adafruit IO to work but I am still confused with the NodeMCU conversion.

As for my final project, I would like my cookie jar to send me a text every time the jar is opened. I would like to hide the board in the top of the lid with a motion sensor attached. I want to source a cookie jar from ebay or goodwill, in order to get a unique one without a cylindrical form. I also tried to make a circuit diagram on Fritzing and it didn’t let me get to the circuit page, and I dont think the Tinkercad has a wifi board. Im also thinking of putting a LED tracker on the side of the jar. Ideally I would like the inside of the jar to dispense only one cookie at a time. Not really sure how to do this at home with limited tools, but I thought that would prevent from tricking the counter by getting many cookies at once. In any case I think that I will need the following:

  1. Feather Huzzah:
  2. Battery holder:
  3. cookie jar
  4. PIR Motion sensor:
  5. Solder Kit:
  6. Zip Ties:
  7. Foam Board:×14-Backing-Boards/dp/B014VCOCEC/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1AH4IAGPG9235&dchild=1&keywords=foam+board&qid=1605662574&sprefix=foam%2Caps%2C169&sr=8-5
  8. LED Counter:
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