Weather Note Reminder

This is a combination weather station and reminder. We can all check the weather on our phones, but sometimes and especially when one is trying to get out the door all that is needed is a quick way to the weather conditions. This weather station supplies a quick visual of current conditions: sunny, cloudy, rainy or snowing, the temperature and a brief note. Additionally, a motion-activated sensor triggers a scrolling display that offers up a helpful message: “mask + keys”

Circuit Progress photos:

circuit on breadboard and tripler (in progress and showing only 2 of 3 alphanumeric displays)

Early Sketch

Circuit Diagram

The PIR at the top toggles the “mask + keys” text. The neopixels light based on weather conditions from Weather Underground. The 7 segment displays forecasted high temperature for the day. The small OLED displays a short message from Remember the Milk.

Next Steps

Currently, the alphanumeric display shows just one message embedded in the code. Creating an IoT feed for this would allow the end user to change that message. Also, the current temperature reading is sent once a day by Weather Underground and is the forecast high for the day. Locating an IoT feed that could update the temperature every three hours would be more useful.