Hey, I’m Corey!

I’m a Los Angeles native and this is my first time living outside of California. Before my time at PoD I worked for The Walt Disney Company as an Interactive Environments Designer for Marvel, an R&D Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering, and most recently a Design Director at frog.

Lauren (wife), Gulliver (foster pup), and me (human)

My formal design education is in graphic design from Cal Poly Pomona, but have working experience in Industrial Design, Architecture, and Interaction Design. Ultimately, I LOVE making cool shit, but I’m pursuing my Masters so I can become a professor.

While in PoD I’m planning on conducting design research for human spaceflight and am eventually planning on starting a design for human spaceflight program.

I’m most looking forward to making and prototyping again, but am most apprehensive about anything code based.

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