Sarah Neopixel practice/Halloween proposals

Neopixel work


Halloween Costume Sketches

Materials for Dino costume
Green felt, white felt
Resin triangular mold
Resin mix
Hinge for opening mouth
LED strip cut in 3 parts (set in resin), wires, battery pack, batteries

Gameboy materials
Cardboard, foam board
Acrylic paint or spray paint
LED strip – green and red
Straps – to connect two sides

Skeleton Materials
Glow in the dark sticker paper – blue
Black long sleeve t-shirt
Black pants
Black lycra mask
Durable plastic skull
Crystal molds
Resin mix
LED strip & battery pack- blue
***If I add glowing eyes – ping pong balls, 4 blue LEDs + battery pack / or a PIR sensor in nose hooked up to LED strips

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