Erika’s Halloween progress

I have my neopixels and gemma soldered together, it works on all the codes except for the code block I used on Tinkercad. So I’ll have to figure that out.

In terms of materials left:

  • Canal Plastics tubing for the saber
  • potentially craft foam pieces from michaels
  • Moods: rey’s scarf, leather trims
  • Ace bandage

Things I still have to do:

  • sand my blue foam pieces to the right details
  • glue my blue foam detail pieces to my PVC pipe
  • paint the blue foam with latex paint
  • spray paint the entire saber handle black
  • stick on the leather and ace bandage straps
  • drill a button hole through the saber handle


  • could I use a coin battery instead of a LiPo?
  • can I add foil around the bottom of my plastic tubing where it meets the saber handle to add more of a “reflective” quality to the sword?

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