Giancarlo’s Qui-Got Jinn Halloween Costume Progress

Wow, this is my third time changing Star Wars characters. Last week I mentioned that I was doing Obi-Wan, but I officially changed to Qui-Gon. After speaking with everyone, this one makes most sense — I have long hair, my favorite color is green (for the lightsaber), and the brown robe is perfect.

In terms of lightsabers, I currently have two different prototypes that I’m considering. Both were made on the lathe and will be spray painted black and silver for accents.

Here’s a progress shot of my Arduino and NeoPixel in the lightsaber.

Aside from that, I’m using some black washers, black and silver rust-o-leum spray paint, and polycarbonate tubing (that I will purchase from Canal Plastics with the lightsaber crew — Erika, Cathy and Liam).

Overall, this project has been super fun and drilling though the lightsaber was a lot less intimidating/difficult than I thought.

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