Cheryl’s Halloween Progress

For my halloween costume, I am going to make a Opera mask accessory. I painted the mask with a white base, and the three main colors that I will be using is black, white, and red. I am going to fill in the black, and add more layers so the paint do not sheer, next, I’ll touch up with white paint, and probably apply gloss coat. I also ordered a wig which I’ll attach it to the back of the mask to make it feel more creepy.

I wanted the light to represent tears so I made the delay pretty short, and the light will light up from top to bottom on a loop, and the color changes every round. Since the mask is only in white, red, and black. I am still exploring the right color combination to make it feel coherent.

Next step:

-Solder the light to gemma & battery.

-Continue to work on the mask

-Adjust the brightness of the light (top=dim top= bright)

-Attach the wig to the mask

-Attach a strap on the mask so it could be carried as a “crossbody bag”.