Xinyue’s Halloween Progress

My costume and its intention 

Topic: Green Snake

Ancient Chinese costume、 shiny headband、arduino props snake (green eye, red eye)、wig piece(the clothing is expected to be delivered on the 28th)


  1. I basically completed the soldering of the circuit, and the test was able to light up (at the beginning, because the circuit board was too small and the wires touched together, it could not light up. After re-soldering, the problem was solved, and my soldering technology became better and better. )
  2. The current code can make it light up green, but it can’t make the light strip all led up, and it can’t switch to red light. So the code has to be improved.
  3. The snake props are ready, just wait for the code to be completed, insert the device and sew.

Code(almost same as before)

Supplies list 




4.Momentary button


6.Side-light Fiber Optic Tube 

To do list

  1. Discuss with Becky, confirm the code, modify the circuit welding, and add the momentary button.
  2. Glue the fiber optic tube to the led with a glue gun.
  3. Sew the device into the snake toy.
  4. Snake toys make fixed straps.
  5. Combine the hair band with the led light.
  6. Try on the clothes and check the effect
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