Arshi Halloween Costume Progress

Harley Quinn’s Costume


Harley Quinn is a character from the DC Comics. Although she seems like she is sweet, giddy and girlish, that’s just one facet of her personality. She can also be fierce fighter. The point is to be free and re-enact her persona which is so different from mine.

3D modeling of her bat is still in progress- After an initial consultation with Yuki, we found out that the bat would need extra support since I wanted to print it vertically. The cut out of the lettering on the bat was not working initially. So I had to make changes to the model. If it does not work/is not ready by Sunday (which would be such a bummer), I will use a plastic bat which I bought from Amazon.

I will be attempting to print the bat vertically, slicing it in 4. Each piece of the bat would be 8″ in height. It would not be completely hollow inside, since the lettering would need some support.

3D model – after meeting with Yuki

List of materials I will be using

Costume wig and bat from amazon

To-do list
  1. 3D- print the bat – the file is finally ready. I will set it up on Wednesday afternoon and it should be done by Friday morning.
  2. fix the Arduino code for fading in and out LED- Wednesday morning
  3. Test the circuit diagram
  4. Attach the LED through the inside of the bat – Friday Morning
  5. Assemble all 4 pieces together
  6. Spray paint the bat
  7. I will use a red dress I already own, and on top of it, I will sew in the ruffles layers from her dress to give it the same look
  8. Take pictures with class
  9. Halloween Parade Fun