Apple TV Box Teardown

My teardown object is the 3rd Generation Apple TV Box, which was first released in the market in 2012.

Exterior Outlook

The box is 4 inch by 1 inch tall. The back side of the box features an AC Adapter port, HDMI output port, Micro-USB (for service and support), optical audio out port, and a 10/100 base ethernet port.

Material Breakdown
Material weight/breakdown
The Breakdown

Step 1: The first challenge was to remove the core of the rubber-coated base from the upper case. Using an X-acto knife, I was able to loosen the parts from one another and using a metal spludger, I snapped it open and the base popped right off.

Step 2: Once open, the base is secured with a metal heat sink. To remove the metal sink, I used a screwdriver to release the 5 screws.

Step 3: The logic board is held in place by the power supply connector (recycled plastic) and using a metal spludger and pliers, I was able to disconnect it and free the logic board. The power supply rating is 3.4V at 1.75 A.

Step 4: Using pliers, the status LED is freed from the metal pad.

The logic board has a few elements that required some research and understanding.

  • The single core processor is the application processor with Apple A5
  • Toshiba THGVX1G6D2HLA018GB NAND Flash- is an interface which handles essential functions, including writing block management, error correction and driver software. It simplifies system development, allowing manufacturers to minimize development costs and speed up time to market for new and upgraded products.
  • Broadcomm BCM4330 – single chip device which provides the highest level of integration for a handheld wireless system
  • SMSC LAN9730 standalone USB to ethernet controller – Microchip’s LAN9730 was specifically designed to provide a high-performance, low-cost USB to 10/100 Ethernet connectivity solution with a Hi-Speed Inter-Chip (HSIC) interface.
Remote Control Teardown

Material: Aluminum casing

Tools and techniques: X-actor to remove the different buttons and feedback chips.

Features: Bluetooth wireless technology, IR transmitter and Lightning connector for charging

  • All the components are housed on the logic board, which means that if it breaks, it could be expensive to replace.
  • This product is ultra-compact
  • PVC free
  • Made with recycling materials (100 % recycled aluminum in the Remote, 100% recycled tin in the solder of the main logic board and 35% of recycled plastic in multiple components)

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