Arshi’s Final Project


“Why don’t you call me anymore?” – Mom

Since it’s a different time all around the world, it gets very difficult to track down what time to call my parents or what time to watch the soccer game live from the UK. With this timezone clock- you are able to press on a specific country, and it will display the time in that country.

Living in the U.S has made me realize how many of my shows and soccer games I was missing so I designed this timezone world lamp to help me know what time it is in another country.

Understanding Spheres & 2D Patterns.

By comparing a map and a globe, I realized that a 2D pattern would not make sense in a 3D globe. The geography looks totally different between the two because spheres are deceptively simple. I tried multiple spheres patterns to test out how it would fit on a globe.

Essentially, it’s mathematically impossible to get the visuals from a globe to lie distortion free in a rectangular 2D pattern. To calculate the size of the print, i sized the circumference of the globe to match longitudinally to the size of the pattern.

To replicate this pattern onto any spheres, measure the diameter of the globe and then scale the length of the pattern to match the diameter.

Building the Circuit

For the capacitive touch sensor, I used the 8-Key Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout. Using the instructions from the Adafruit website, I was able to wire up and use the test code instructions. For the screen display, I used the Standard LCD 16×2. Test both the

Because I am using two i2c devices, I had to change the address for one of them. We do this to connect a bridge to the solder pads. The diagram on Adafruit shows how to perform this carefully. The code also needs to match so we need to adjust it accordingly.

Now we can connect the data and clock lines in parallel. The diagram shows it with two different i2c devices but with a different microcontroller board.

Write the Code and Test the Connections

Link to instructables:

Bill of materials


  • X-Acto Knife
  •  Ruler
  •  Sharpie
  •  Printer
  •  Cutting mat
  • Masking tape
  • USB cable

Arshi’s final project – WIP

Global Time Tracker

My family and friends live all over the world. From Mauritius, to the UK, and Australia. That’s a lot of countries with a lot of different time zones. Sometimes I’ll try to call or message my friends back in Australia and wonder why they never pick up. The time difference does not make it easy. The world globe light will help me with just a click to know what time it is in another country so I can plan when to call or message them

Use Case Scenario:

Calling my family and friends is very important to me because I live so far away from them. I have to set up so many different time zones on my clock app on my phone just so I can track what time it is in their country. 

Google Docs

  • World map on paper
  • Cardboard
  • 3D filament 
  • Mini LED button to inset inside the globe-
  • Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout
  • silicone strip and LEDs
  • IFTTT + Adafruit IO
  • Cello sheets cellophane wraps


  • 3D filament
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire stripper
  • Soldering machine and wire from VFL
  • X-acto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gorilla glue
  • 18” ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Tape
  • X-acto knife

Final Project concept

For my final project, I want to do a timezone lamp because it’s always hard for me to track what time it is when I need to call my parents or my family who all live in different parts of the world.

The first idea is a globe light. When you touch any part of the world, it lights up and tells you the time in that chosen country.

The second idea is a refrigerator grocery reminder. When I first stock on grocery items, I can input the items by pressing a button which will light up. When a produce is running low, I will immediately know that I need to restock.

The third idea is a timer to better manage my time with my assignments. It’s an orange sliced into 5 pieces. Each slice indicates a 10 mins timer. When all 5 slices timer is up, the orange will light up. To start my 10 mins break, I can remove one of the slice and start it as an individual slice. After my break, I can repeat the cycle.

Arshi final halloween costume

Harley Quinn- Final costume

Character overview: Harley Quinn is a character in the comic books published by DC Comics. Harley has often been said to have a demented mind, but she is also very intelligent. She is known to be messy, There’s little reason to Harley’s moods, which makes her impossible to predict. But above all, Harley strives to enjoy life. 

Why I chose Harley Quinn?

I chose Harley Quinn because her personality is the complete opposite of mine so I wanted to explore what it would feel like to embody somebody else for a night.

Final look
Harley Quinn (left) with her impersonator (right)

Costume Summary

My costume consists of a red dress that is ripped on the side to represent the original Harley Quinn costume which has a slit to her thighs.

Cons of the Costume
  • It was a cold day and my costume was not made for the cold weather, however, I was having so much fun, I often forgot about how cold it was.
  • 3D printing the bat was harder than I had imagined. It took multiple trial and error to come up with a good model.
  • It was a challenge to fit the LED strip inside of the bat. It would not stick to the end of the bat, so I had to find different ways from epoxy glue, to three different types of tape and superglue, nothing was really helping. My last resort was to glue a piece of cloth on the inside and then attach the LED strip on top of the piece of cloth. So the end result ended up looking like hot glue- cloth- more hot glue- LED strip- again more hot glue – Tadaaaaa!!! it worked. The LED strip stayed in place all night. (hot glue gun is officially my best friend)
Soldering Process Video

Tinkercad Circuit

Tinkercad Code

Process pictures


The process of soldering the LED strip was more challenging that I thought. Because I cut the strip into three different pieces, (to accommodate the turning in the bat), I ended up having to solder more than required. After consulting with Becky, I found out that I didn’t have to cut the LED strip. For next time, I know what to do.

I didn’t expect that it would be so hard to insert the LED strip inside the bat. I think the issue was how narrow it was at the bottom, so if i had to redo the bat, I would accommodate the width of the LED strip and battery.

3D printing the bat turned out to be a challenge in itself, but after I saw the end results, everything became worth it. It’s a much better choice than buying a plastic bat.

Arshi Halloween Costume Progress

Harley Quinn’s Costume


Harley Quinn is a character from the DC Comics. Although she seems like she is sweet, giddy and girlish, that’s just one facet of her personality. She can also be fierce fighter. The point is to be free and re-enact her persona which is so different from mine.

3D modeling of her bat is still in progress- After an initial consultation with Yuki, we found out that the bat would need extra support since I wanted to print it vertically. The cut out of the lettering on the bat was not working initially. So I had to make changes to the model. If it does not work/is not ready by Sunday (which would be such a bummer), I will use a plastic bat which I bought from Amazon.

I will be attempting to print the bat vertically, slicing it in 4. Each piece of the bat would be 8″ in height. It would not be completely hollow inside, since the lettering would need some support.

3D model – after meeting with Yuki

List of materials I will be using

Costume wig and bat from amazon

To-do list
  1. 3D- print the bat – the file is finally ready. I will set it up on Wednesday afternoon and it should be done by Friday morning.
  2. fix the Arduino code for fading in and out LED- Wednesday morning
  3. Test the circuit diagram
  4. Attach the LED through the inside of the bat – Friday Morning
  5. Assemble all 4 pieces together
  6. Spray paint the bat
  7. I will use a red dress I already own, and on top of it, I will sew in the ruffles layers from her dress to give it the same look
  8. Take pictures with class
  9. Halloween Parade Fun

Arshi’s Halloween Costume

My idea for Halloween is to recreate Harley Quinn’s weapon “Good Night” bat. My idea is to have the letters light up. For this, It would be ideal if i could cut out the letters from the material first. Then I will insert an LED strip light through so all the letters can light up. If that does not work, I will wire the lights on the letters on the exterior of the bat.   


For the LED- I was looking at the Adafruit Strip Lights.

This strip light is easy to cut using a wire cutter. I would have to cut it for each letter on the bat.

For the costume, I have purchased a red dress with frills at the collar and bottom. If i have the time, I will also put the light strips in the neck line. 

Option 2

Another idea is to use a scrolling text LED. On the Adafruit website, some of them have been discontinued but I found the following that are available for purchase. 

The idea is to buy two of them for each word – “good” and “night”

I found the following as matrix LED – where i can code it to say the words “Good Night”

Tinkercad – need help.

Need to figure out which one to go for. I have looked at some coding examples that I think will help with the approach.

Slothman- The Fearless

Slothman- the fearless is the perfect superhero plush toy to help children feel fearless and brave.

Why a sloth superhero- plush toy?

  1. The goal is to empower kids of all ages to feel courageous. The eyes of the sloth lights up as its superpower. Sloths are slow animals but one interesting fact about them is that they are actually blind. However, they are also known to be much stronger than humans. The eyes lights up red as an attack mechanism since they cannot see, it shoots lasers to fight back.
  2. Adopting a superhero identity can help children develop moral values. Superhero play allows them to explore abstract ideas of good and bad.
  3. To inspire and help children overcome their fears

Process Pictures

Slothman-The Fearless in action- Attacking a villain.


  1. It was my first time working with LEDs. Although it did get challenging at times, it was mostly a rewarding feeling.
  2. Since I hand sewn each part separately, the most challenging part of the project was to figure out where to hand sew the claw placement and how to attach the head back to the body.
  3. Getting the lights to diffuse properly in the eyes region was especially hard because the LED kept moving so i had to hand sew it from the inside to prevent it from shifting side to side.
Slothman-The Fearless- Just chilling

Arshi’s plush toy

Three sketches- Brainstorming

  • The first concept is a travel pillow to reduce back pain and neck pain when traveling. Travel pillows are a great option to get some sleep on the go while limiting discomfort.
  • The second option is a sloth pillow- Sloths are slowest of all mammals on earth. They have long arms and long legs and can give you a hug from the back which can provide emotional comfort and allow you to de-stress. They depend on trees for the survival- in this case, the person using the sloth will act as the tree to ensure the survival of the sloth.
  • VEGGIE-BLANKIE : The last option is a blanket for kids who have trouble eating their vegetables or fruits. The concept is to help kids fall in love and appreciate eating vegetables more often.