Arshi’s Halloween Costume

My idea for Halloween is to recreate Harley Quinn’s weapon “Good Night” bat. My idea is to have the letters light up. For this, It would be ideal if i could cut out the letters from the material first. Then I will insert an LED strip light through so all the letters can light up. If that does not work, I will wire the lights on the letters on the exterior of the bat.   


For the LED- I was looking at the Adafruit Strip Lights.

This strip light is easy to cut using a wire cutter. I would have to cut it for each letter on the bat.

For the costume, I have purchased a red dress with frills at the collar and bottom. If i have the time, I will also put the light strips in the neck line. 

Option 2

Another idea is to use a scrolling text LED. On the Adafruit website, some of them have been discontinued but I found the following that are available for purchase. 

The idea is to buy two of them for each word – “good” and “night”

I found the following as matrix LED – where i can code it to say the words “Good Night”

Tinkercad – need help.

Need to figure out which one to go for. I have looked at some coding examples that I think will help with the approach.

2 thoughts on “Arshi’s Halloween Costume”

  1. Have you considered 3D printing your bat? This would be easy enough to model in the Tinkercad 3D editor even if you have no experience. I’d put the letters on both sides so you can always read it.

    or maybe you could use a hollow plastic bat like this one:

    With an actual wooden bat, I imagine you could maybe use a lathe to hollow it out from the big end, then engrave the letters, like carving a jack-o-lantern. sounds hard.

    We can work on some animation code that lights the words up in succession.

    also please put your post in the Works in Progress/Proposals category. Thanks!

  2. Arshi, I love this idea. The bat is definitely ambitious but I’m sure you will execute it no problem, and if you need help contact the lightsaber crew as our mechanics may be similar. Can’t wait to see this and the costume you wear with it! Maybe a photo fake hitting something (or real) would be cool.

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