Xinyue’s Halloween costume

Role description:This Halloween my cos role is Xiaoqing, who is a character in the four legendary stories of Chinese folk love, “The Legend of the White Snake”. She was cultivated by green snake for thousands of years. She is naughty by nature, daring to love and hate.

About costume:I have purchased the whole set of clothes and hair accessories from China, and I hope it will be delivered in time. The snake wrapped around the body has been purchased from Amazon, and I will re-sewn the electronic components into the body of the snake in the future.

After the switch was turned on, the snake’s eyes lit up with green light, and then touching the switch, the snake’s eyes changed from green to red, and there was a fade effect, as if to express its anger.


  1. Trim toy snake. Prepare the battery pack, wires, (NeoPixel with GEMMA M0*2/ Arduino board,NeoPixel *2), switch, ping pong ball*2, solder to a suitable length, and write the code (on-LED green on-touch again-red light gradually on-off). Make sure it can work.
  2. Insert the device into the toy snake, fix the bulb at the eyeball position, find a suitable position for the switch to fix, and sew the toy snake.
  3. After the clothing arrives, sew the toy snake onto it.
  4. If I have extra time, I solder a smaller power supply, resistor, and led strip together and hide it in the hairband, which looks like a small snake.

Arduino technique(s) 


Switch on(Switch Debouncing code)

Buttoncycler code

1. First touch:Specified LED color code(green light on)

2. Second touch: the red light gradually brightens(like fade code)

3. Third touch: the light turns off

Materials and parts you’re using

  1. AAA Batteries*1(already in the arduino package, no need to purchase)
  2. wires(already in the arduino package, no need to purchase)
  3. Arduino board(already in the arduino package, no need to purchase)Is it too big and how to fix the wire on the board?
  4. NeoPixel *2 it enough?
  5. Ping pong ball*2 (already have)
  6. Switch!(I only have one, but it’s too small to control)
  7. Sewing kit
  8. Small battery (LIGHT BELT)
  9. Side-light Fiber Optic Tube – 4mm Diameter(LIGHT BELT)
  10. Fiber Optic Light Source
  11. Resistor (LIGHT BELT)?
  12. Switch (LIGHT BELT)

Circuit diagram

2 thoughts on “Xinyue’s Halloween costume”

  1. Nice work! I am concerned the items you ordered from China may not arrive in time! There is a big backlog of ships on the west coast. What is your backup plan for that?

  2. Really nice idea Xinyue! I think if you can get the snake on time you can head to the garmet district and buy yourself some fabric that will substitute if the original fabrics do not arrive from China.

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