Bop It BLAST Teardown



What I teardown is bop it. It was originally a talking and glowing guy, and the way to interact with it was mainly pressing the center part, pulling the blue feet and twisting the green feet. A round head contains the most important circuit boards and springs, and its two feet are mainly where batteries, some extended wires, buttons, small circuit boards, and mechanical parts are placed.

The Teardown

I first removed the shell on one side with a screwdriver and found that the battery is on its legs, not on its head. The buttons are located above the left leg and touch a small circuit board.

When I removed all its shell, I can see that the main chip is placed on its head. On the head chip board, there are various circuits extending to its legs. The ports of the circuit are connected with battery, buttons, lights and beads.

Next, I started to disassemble its head. When the plastic fixing piece was removed, a spring jumped out. This is why the head can be pressed.

When I further disassembled its head, a speaker was pasted on the back.

At this point, it still has the other half of the head that I haven’t removed it yet. You can see that the orange button corresponds to the button on the chip.

There is still a spring inside this half of the head, and a red lamp bead behind it.

Next is the teardown of the two feet, I will use a video to illustrate.


1. AA battery 2. Speaker 3. Fixed cover 4. Spring 5. Battery cover 6. Silicone button  7. Button  8. Shell 9. Screw(and Square nut) 10. Plastic lever 11. Polyethylene slider 12. Control button 13. Chip 14. Battery holder 15. Lamp bead 16. Circuit 17. Rebound spring

Manufacturing technique used to make it

Injection molding

Chips Sheet

  • Debounce time setting(when you press on your standard mechanical switch, it hits the contact and then it bounces briefly from momentum of you hitting the key/switch, sometimes the momentum can be enough for the contacts to touch again and cause a double click. Debounce time is basically and amount of time that the switch doesnt register another click.)
  • D1-D7 (Diode)
  • Q1-Q3 (Tertiary tube)
  • MS (Synchronous motor)
  • GS (Synchronous generator)
  • SP- (Speaker?)
  • GND (Ground)
  • BR (Bridge rectifier filter)
  • T1 (Transformer)
  • BB (Thermal relay)
  • JMP1-JMP2 (Jumper?)
  • 8OZVC116-MANRO1H
  • C1-C3 (Capacitance)
  • P20、P30、P33 (Electric power)
  • R1-R15 (Resistor)
  • J1-J2 (Jumper)
  • BG (Backside Grinding)
  • QB (Quit button?)
  • Q4 (Tertiary tube)
  • VCC (Voltage)
  • BB (Thermal relay)
  • 8OVC116-KEYBRO1H
  • D3、D4 (Diode)
  • S1 (Switch)
  • SP-、SP+ (Speaker?)
  • VC116-KEYCRO1H
  • S1 (Switch)
  • P/T (?)

Tools used

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Scissors

Design elements I am interested in

  1. Put the battery on its legs not in its head. (In addition to the realization of the function, the internal parts distribution must also consider its appearance. Its legs have just enough space for the battery, and it is easier for users to teardown.)
  2. Use the user’s pull and twist to press the button. (Make full use of the user’s behavior and use mechanical buttons to save costs.)

Here is Xinyue

Xinyue Wu

Hi, I am Xinyue. I am a native of Zhejiang, China. I graduated from Hainan University with a degree in management in 2019, majoring in marketing. I had the opportunity to postgraduate recommendation, but I still want to design and create more in my heart, and I can live a colorful and fresh life every day, so I focused on making my own portfolio a year after graduation and came here.

After being accepted by SVA, I worked as a product designer for a pet company. At that time, I worked with cats and dogs every day and learned to study their behavior. This was my workstation at the time, and cats would come every afternoon. There are also photos of products that I have designed that are already on the market.

My workstation
Galaxy cat climbing frame
Cactus adjustable cat bowl

Now, I have 22 Chinese patents. Among them, my favorite is the design of a tableware storage vase. This is a model I made with 3D printing technology and painted it. I also tried Jewelry Design and took a set of photos with them. This series is called “Awakening”. It can be rotated at the moment of wearing it.

Tableware storage vase

After studying in marketing, I discovered the importance of product design. When you find a need and need to meet it, you must have a product targeted at the target group. In real work practice, I realized that having a good product is not enough, it must have a very clear market positioning, and have a series of marketing methods and money. So in the recent period, I have been thinking about myself as a designer, what my unique position is, what my advantage is, and what I am interested in. I recalled where I spent my time every day and what would make me really happy after doing it. Through mind mapping, I discovered that the things I am interested in mainly revolve around experience, dogs, cats and other animals, meditation, ASMR, dance, music, fragrance, etc. These are all about a unique healing and happy experience.

And for me, some products are mainly focused on functionality, such as driverless cars, a more comprehensive mobile phone, and some products that look better than the original, like different styles of clothes and shoes, if they have me without me, there is actually no difference, and when consumers buy these products, their hearts are only short-lived pleasures. Just as I see the products I have already put on the market, many consumers say they look good, but in fact, I didn’t feel much touched in my heart. Instead, I posted my views on death on a platform. A girl who had just lost her father was comforted in her heart. This touched me very much, I can help others spiritually!

Therefore, based on my own interests and experience, I will focus on some products that can bring people a new experience to find simple happiness in a boring or busy life. How to maximize this experience to more people, I think it depends on the power of the media and products. Now I have discovered that I can combine the creative themes of today’s self-media platforms and have a clearer positioning goal. Around this goal, I can make some physical products and integrate with interactive design, fashion design, device design, and even interior design, which I am interested in too. I don’t want to limit myself to the product.

So SVA PoD is just such a platform full of infinite possibilities because I want to accomplish the above goal. However, my knowledge and ability are far from enough, and I have to learn many things from scratch. In the past, the making of many products mainly relied on the factory’s power. But now I have limited funds, and it isn’t easy to find a manufacturer willing to help you at the beginning of such a new creation. I still have to learn how to make it by myself.

Making studio is such a course! What I am most looking forward to is using the knowledge learned in this course to better achieve the product effect I want to achieve. Of course, I also have my concerns because it takes time for me to adapt to learning in an all-English environment, and I haven’t touched on the circuit board before, so I need to work harder to catch up with my classmates. But I firmly believe that I will learn step by step, just like I didn’t know anything, I dared to give up postgraduate recommendation to study product design.