Xinyue’s Mini Music Stage

Every music lover desires a stage, but not everyone has a stage, and not everyone likes to participate in that kind of public stage. I want to create a new experience for music lovers. Whether it is practicing musical instruments, karaoke, or playing music, the stage will change different effects according to the rhythm. Everyone can have their own music stage!

About Shape

I got inspiration from this stage.

Modeling process

1. Cut Acrylic

I used Rhino to make a model first, and then laser cut it.

2. Making fiber optic tubes

3. Drilling

4. Assembly

5. Combine the Circuit With the Acrylic Frame

5. Fix the fiber tube with hot glue

Circuit and code process

Improvements and prospects:

  1. Add button to change modes, so don’t need upload code to Gemma to change modes.
  2. Separate the base from the column and use the Lego principle to make it easier to assemble, and easy to carry and transport.
  3. The stage can fix any characters or props you like.

Reduce costs and go to the market!

Finally, thank you Corey, Cathy, Qiting, Liam, Gee and all other Pod students! Last but not the least, Becky!!! Superwomen!

Xinyue’s final project progress & IoT exercise

Final Project idea: Mini Music Stage

About Function

Goal: The stage can change with the music played outside.

Inspiration for Shape


Light test:I can just use the remaining Fiber Optic, but it seems a bit thick


Google Doc


Description for my project video


(black screen
Gradually clear
Music, product stage, display)

Suddenly I was woken up by an alarm clock in bed. It turned out to be a dream, thinking that I must learn piano tonight.
I got up to work (on the subway), went home, studied for a while, and when I was too tired, I gave up again


(Standing numbly on the subway, drifting along with the crowd, age began to increase to 50 years old, another alarm clock woke up, looking in the mirror, suddenly found that I was 50 years old, screaming, flashed through the dusty piano, realizing that I have everything Did not learn)

I suddenly woke up when I went back to bed. It turned out that it was a dream just now.
I went back to the morning of 26 years old
Determined to make the stage in the dream

(Production process)

And finally played
(Finally: Don’t let your dream wait too long, as long as you want to start, it can be your stage anywhere)

IoT exercise

Both of the lights controlled via the Internet are on, but I have been working on the weather display for a long time without success.

Xinyue’s IoT #2 and Final Project Ideation

IoT Exercise

The whole process went smoothly. My Huzzah can connect to the internet. I also successfully got the Adafruit IO feed working when I pressed the switch in the LED circuit.

Final Project Ideation

The applause device for social software and the mini music stage are both interesting, but I am more enthusiastic about the mini music stage and can’t wait to have my own stage. Every music practitioner desires a stage, but not everyone has a stage, and not everyone likes to participate in that kind of public stage. I hope I can create a brand new experience for music learners. When you play a piece of music, the lights on the stage will light up rhythmically. This is one of the motivations for you to learn music, and it will make your playing more fascinating.

I have been looking for a music-related Applet on the IFTT platform for a long time, but there is no function to recognize the input of notes. Hence, I went to the website to inquire about music-related product cases and found the following 2 cases.


1. What I am a bit confused is that to achieve the effect I want to achieve now, do I still need the control of the Internet of Things?

2. It seems that the music box in a video can only be connected to audio, and then the light changes rhythmically.
Is it through the component named “audio connect” here?

3.In another case, it can visualize the music by recognizing the external music, but if we play with a single instrument, will there still be such an effect? And, in this case, what components did this effect achieve?

4.I want to implement the first case of changing the brightness of the light according to the music played outside, and I can also change the color of the light by myself. What kind of components should be used?

About stage design materials

I will consider using diffuse with multiple materials and try my best to create a dreamy stage. For example: acrylic, feather, yarn, 3d printing.

I also need to make a new round of sketch design for its stage design and choose the one that works best.

Xinyue’s IoT & Final Brainstorming

IoT work

Final Proposal

  1. We generally rarely hear applause in real life, especially now that many jobs and many things can be done from a long distance. I want to make a real applause simulator. Whenever someone likes you on social networking sites, the device can give you applause and make the praise stronger!

2. Mini Concert Stage

Music learners always want to have a stage of their own, do you want to experience this feeling? Try our mini music stage! Every time you play, the stage lights up rhythmically.

Xinyue’s Halloween Costume

Green snake

Why I made it

I play the Green Snake, she is the snake demon in the four major Chinese folk love story “The Legend of the White Snake”.I want to integrate traditional Chinese culture with western culture, and I am also a native of Zhejiang province, so I chose the characters from the legends occurring in my native hometown.

How it is to wear it

This is a snake that can shine all over, wrap it around your neck, and your entire costume will be lit by it. In addition, after the snake is wrapped around the body, there is a momentary button near the right hand, you can use it to control the different states of light.

What I learned in the process

In the basic welding stage of the circuit, the welding must be clear and tested to prevent breakage. After the test is passed, it can be reinforced with hot glue.
In case of uncertainty, PlAN B should be prepared, as this time the costume was only delivered 2 days before Halloween. In fact, the code is not so difficult, I must first master its basic language logic.

What you would do differently if you had to do it over again

I will reconsider light-transmitting fabrics so that they look good enough under natural light.

During the parade, I will bring my own music player, which can really bring the atmosphere of Chinese culture to the streets of New York.

List of materials and parts used

1. Toy snake*1

2. Battery kit

3. Pingpong ball*2

4. Translucent fabric

5. Electric wire

6. GEMMA*1

7. NeoPixel RGB Mini*2

8. RGB LED Weatherproof flexi-strip

9. Momentary Pushbutton

10. Scissors

11. Sewing kit

12. Soldering tools

Circuit diagram

Arduino code

In-progress images/sketches

Welding circuit
light test
Hide the circuit in the snake
Fabric and lighting test
Sew more than four hours
Almost finish
Add pingpong balls
Code adjustment
Final code import

Xinyue’s Halloween Progress

My costume and its intention 

Topic: Green Snake

Ancient Chinese costume、 shiny headband、arduino props snake (green eye, red eye)、wig piece(the clothing is expected to be delivered on the 28th)


  1. I basically completed the soldering of the circuit, and the test was able to light up (at the beginning, because the circuit board was too small and the wires touched together, it could not light up. After re-soldering, the problem was solved, and my soldering technology became better and better. )
  2. The current code can make it light up green, but it can’t make the light strip all led up, and it can’t switch to red light. So the code has to be improved.
  3. The snake props are ready, just wait for the code to be completed, insert the device and sew.

Code(almost same as before)

Supplies list 




4.Momentary button


6.Side-light Fiber Optic Tube 

To do list

  1. Discuss with Becky, confirm the code, modify the circuit welding, and add the momentary button.
  2. Glue the fiber optic tube to the led with a glue gun.
  3. Sew the device into the snake toy.
  4. Snake toys make fixed straps.
  5. Combine the hair band with the led light.
  6. Try on the clothes and check the effect

Xinyue’s Halloween costume

Role description:This Halloween my cos role is Xiaoqing, who is a character in the four legendary stories of Chinese folk love, “The Legend of the White Snake”. She was cultivated by green snake for thousands of years. She is naughty by nature, daring to love and hate.

About costume:I have purchased the whole set of clothes and hair accessories from China, and I hope it will be delivered in time. The snake wrapped around the body has been purchased from Amazon, and I will re-sewn the electronic components into the body of the snake in the future.

After the switch was turned on, the snake’s eyes lit up with green light, and then touching the switch, the snake’s eyes changed from green to red, and there was a fade effect, as if to express its anger.


  1. Trim toy snake. Prepare the battery pack, wires, (NeoPixel with GEMMA M0*2/ Arduino board,NeoPixel *2), switch, ping pong ball*2, solder to a suitable length, and write the code (on-LED green on-touch again-red light gradually on-off). Make sure it can work.
  2. Insert the device into the toy snake, fix the bulb at the eyeball position, find a suitable position for the switch to fix, and sew the toy snake.
  3. After the clothing arrives, sew the toy snake onto it.
  4. If I have extra time, I solder a smaller power supply, resistor, and led strip together and hide it in the hairband, which looks like a small snake.

Arduino technique(s) 


Switch on(Switch Debouncing code)

Buttoncycler code

1. First touch:Specified LED color code(green light on)

2. Second touch: the red light gradually brightens(like fade code)

3. Third touch: the light turns off

Materials and parts you’re using

  1. AAA Batteries*1(already in the arduino package, no need to purchase)
  2. wires(already in the arduino package, no need to purchase)
  3. Arduino board(already in the arduino package, no need to purchase)Is it too big and how to fix the wire on the board?
  4. NeoPixel *2 it enough?
  5. Ping pong ball*2 (already have)
  6. Switch!(I only have one, but it’s too small to control)
  7. Sewing kit
  8. Small battery (LIGHT BELT)
  9. Side-light Fiber Optic Tube – 4mm Diameter(LIGHT BELT)
  10. Fiber Optic Light Source
  11. Resistor (LIGHT BELT)?
  12. Switch (LIGHT BELT)

Circuit diagram

Xinyue’s NeoPixel Practice/Halloween Kickoff

2. Halloween Kickoff

(1)A box has multiple faces, and each face has a role. Turn the box to play different roles. Each character’s face or mouth have different LED lights. For example, the eyes of a pumpkin can be red.

Potential Shopping List

  1. A box
  2. Printed pattern
  3. LED Lights
  4. Neo Pixel Strip
  5. Arduino Kit(inside the box)
  6. Changeover switch

(2)A mask that can scream. When you take away his eyes, it will scream. If you put the eyeballs back, he will say “Never do this again”

Potential Shopping List

  1. A mask
  2. Eyeball
  3. Adafruit GEMMA(Speaker)
  4. Arduino Kit(inside the box)
  5. Vibration Sensor Switch

(3)Green Snake is a character in Chinese classical literature, a snake monster with only 500 years of practice.

I want to make her tail, which is made by sewing, with LED strips in the middle. When I have emotional changes, I will turn on the switch, and a weird and colorful snake tail will appear.

Potential Shopping List

  1. Green fabric
  2. White cotton
  3. LED Lights
  4. Neo Pixel Strip
  5. Arduino Kit
  6. switch
  7. belt

Xinyue’s Plush Night Light

Volcano Plush Night Light

The volcano was originally a dangerous and inaccessible thing, turning it into a plush lamp, shortening the distance between us and the volcano. It can be used as an atmosphere lamp on the bedside or as a prop for meditation. In addition, I find that looking at it makes me feel very warm, which is very suitable for use in winter. Its target group is mainly souvenirs from tourists who have been to areas with volcanoes.

Materials used

  • Red and gray fabric
  • White cotton filler
  • Red LEDs*6
  • AAA Batteries
  • Electric wire

Tools used

Scissors, printing paper, needle thread, hot melt glue


Modeling to determine the size ratio
Print out the paper reference of the corresponding size
Cut fabric
Welding circuit(4h)
Sewing the mountain(But the bottom is not aligned)
Test light

If I have more time to do it, I will test a few more on round table-shaped sewing. I finally know why there is a gap between the rendering image on my computer and the proofing image of the manufacturer every time~

Xinyue’s Plush Night Light Proposal

1. Volcano lamp

I want to use the light transmittance of different materials to make a volcano lamp, because active volcanoes often represent danger, it is difficult for people to see the moment of volcanic eruption with our own eyes. I want to restore this moment through textiles and orange Led lights. The moment of volcanic eruption become a light fixture that you can get close to which is really interesting.

Target User: Anyone who likes natural scenery

2. Cave rest house

People are under a lot of pressure in daily life. Sometimes we want to hide in a cave without any interruption, do meditation or read a book in it, and return to the first stage of mankind-living in a cave. In a cave, let’s think about the meaning of life.

Target User: Anyone who likes natural scenery or stressed person

3. Rocket bag

Smoke-spraying rockets surround you, and you are the universe. You can put any wallet, card, any important thing on the rocket bag, and go travel right now!

Target User: Anyone who likes space and flight