Xinyue’s NeoPixel Practice/Halloween Kickoff

2. Halloween Kickoff

(1)A box has multiple faces, and each face has a role. Turn the box to play different roles. Each character’s face or mouth have different LED lights. For example, the eyes of a pumpkin can be red.

Potential Shopping List

  1. A box
  2. Printed pattern
  3. LED Lights
  4. Neo Pixel Strip
  5. Arduino Kit(inside the box)
  6. Changeover switch

(2)A mask that can scream. When you take away his eyes, it will scream. If you put the eyeballs back, he will say “Never do this again”

Potential Shopping List

  1. A mask
  2. Eyeball
  3. Adafruit GEMMA(Speaker)
  4. Arduino Kit(inside the box)
  5. Vibration Sensor Switch

(3)Green Snake is a character in Chinese classical literature, a snake monster with only 500 years of practice.

I want to make her tail, which is made by sewing, with LED strips in the middle. When I have emotional changes, I will turn on the switch, and a weird and colorful snake tail will appear.

Potential Shopping List

  1. Green fabric
  2. White cotton
  3. LED Lights
  4. Neo Pixel Strip
  5. Arduino Kit
  6. switch
  7. belt
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