Xinyue’s Plush Night Light

Volcano Plush Night Light

The volcano was originally a dangerous and inaccessible thing, turning it into a plush lamp, shortening the distance between us and the volcano. It can be used as an atmosphere lamp on the bedside or as a prop for meditation. In addition, I find that looking at it makes me feel very warm, which is very suitable for use in winter. Its target group is mainly souvenirs from tourists who have been to areas with volcanoes.

Materials used

  • Red and gray fabric
  • White cotton filler
  • Red LEDs*6
  • AAA Batteries
  • Electric wire

Tools used

Scissors, printing paper, needle thread, hot melt glue


Modeling to determine the size ratio
Print out the paper reference of the corresponding size
Cut fabric
Welding circuit(4h)
Sewing the mountain(But the bottom is not aligned)
Test light

If I have more time to do it, I will test a few more on round table-shaped sewing. I finally know why there is a gap between the rendering image on my computer and the proofing image of the manufacturer every time~