Alien Soother: Plush Night Light. – Carter

The nightlight is for aliens who live on a planet always in the sun. They arrive on Earth on a moonless night, down a country road where the only light is from a little kid’s room. The Alien Soother Nightlight is there, the balm needed. The target audience is for young children who are afraid of the dark and aliens, AND aliens afraid of the dark and humans.

The nightlight is very calming and relaxing (and I’m not saying that because it’s late…;) because of it’s muted light source and the white and orange glow.

I used fleece, white ping pong balls, white thread, a battery pack with 2 batteries, wire- red, white, orange, gray, classic fiber fill, heat wrap, LED lights, resistors, solder.

This was a super-fun process. I did not know exactly how it would roll out as so much is new and yet a repeat of what we did in class and viewed on line helped… A gentle introduction and confidence-builder for those of us new to sewing, soldering, electricity. I had to repeat a few steps because my soldering was sub-par or I’d forgotten to include the heat-shrinking material before I soldered. I used way too much wire length-wise. If I’d had more time I would have made a more expressive object, done a more exacting sewing job and figured out why my 5th ping pong ball lit less brightly than the others.

Original Drawing- Intended Circuit Diagram
Actual Circuit Diagram
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