Slothman- The Fearless

Slothman- the fearless is the perfect superhero plush toy to help children feel fearless and brave.

Why a sloth superhero- plush toy?

  1. The goal is to empower kids of all ages to feel courageous. The eyes of the sloth lights up as its superpower. Sloths are slow animals but one interesting fact about them is that they are actually blind. However, they are also known to be much stronger than humans. The eyes lights up red as an attack mechanism since they cannot see, it shoots lasers to fight back.
  2. Adopting a superhero identity can help children develop moral values. Superhero play allows them to explore abstract ideas of good and bad.
  3. To inspire and help children overcome their fears

Process Pictures

Slothman-The Fearless in action- Attacking a villain.


  1. It was my first time working with LEDs. Although it did get challenging at times, it was mostly a rewarding feeling.
  2. Since I hand sewn each part separately, the most challenging part of the project was to figure out where to hand sew the claw placement and how to attach the head back to the body.
  3. Getting the lights to diffuse properly in the eyes region was especially hard because the LED kept moving so i had to hand sew it from the inside to prevent it from shifting side to side.
Slothman-The Fearless- Just chilling