Xinyue’s final project progress & IoT exercise

Final Project idea: Mini Music Stage

About Function

Goal: The stage can change with the music played outside.

Inspiration for Shape


Light test:I can just use the remaining Fiber Optic, but it seems a bit thick


Google Doc


Description for my project video


(black screen
Gradually clear
Music, product stage, display)

Suddenly I was woken up by an alarm clock in bed. It turned out to be a dream, thinking that I must learn piano tonight.
I got up to work (on the subway), went home, studied for a while, and when I was too tired, I gave up again


(Standing numbly on the subway, drifting along with the crowd, age began to increase to 50 years old, another alarm clock woke up, looking in the mirror, suddenly found that I was 50 years old, screaming, flashed through the dusty piano, realizing that I have everything Did not learn)

I suddenly woke up when I went back to bed. It turned out that it was a dream just now.
I went back to the morning of 26 years old
Determined to make the stage in the dream

(Production process)

And finally played
(Finally: Don’t let your dream wait too long, as long as you want to start, it can be your stage anywhere)

IoT exercise

Both of the lights controlled via the Internet are on, but I have been working on the weather display for a long time without success.