Xinyue’s IoT #2 and Final Project Ideation

IoT Exercise

The whole process went smoothly. My Huzzah can connect to the internet. I also successfully got the Adafruit IO feed working when I pressed the switch in the LED circuit.

Final Project Ideation

The applause device for social software and the mini music stage are both interesting, but I am more enthusiastic about the mini music stage and can’t wait to have my own stage. Every music practitioner desires a stage, but not everyone has a stage, and not everyone likes to participate in that kind of public stage. I hope I can create a brand new experience for music learners. When you play a piece of music, the lights on the stage will light up rhythmically. This is one of the motivations for you to learn music, and it will make your playing more fascinating.

I have been looking for a music-related Applet on the IFTT platform for a long time, but there is no function to recognize the input of notes. Hence, I went to the website to inquire about music-related product cases and found the following 2 cases.


1. What I am a bit confused is that to achieve the effect I want to achieve now, do I still need the control of the Internet of Things?

2. It seems that the music box in a video can only be connected to audio, and then the light changes rhythmically.
Is it through the component named “audio connect” here?

3.In another case, it can visualize the music by recognizing the external music, but if we play with a single instrument, will there still be such an effect? And, in this case, what components did this effect achieve?

4.I want to implement the first case of changing the brightness of the light according to the music played outside, and I can also change the color of the light by myself. What kind of components should be used?

About stage design materials

I will consider using diffuse with multiple materials and try my best to create a dreamy stage. For example: acrylic, feather, yarn, 3d printing.

I also need to make a new round of sketch design for its stage design and choose the one that works best.