Xinyue’s Halloween Costume

Green snake

Why I made it

I play the Green Snake, she is the snake demon in the four major Chinese folk love story “The Legend of the White Snake”.I want to integrate traditional Chinese culture with western culture, and I am also a native of Zhejiang province, so I chose the characters from the legends occurring in my native hometown.

How it is to wear it

This is a snake that can shine all over, wrap it around your neck, and your entire costume will be lit by it. In addition, after the snake is wrapped around the body, there is a momentary button near the right hand, you can use it to control the different states of light.

What I learned in the process

In the basic welding stage of the circuit, the welding must be clear and tested to prevent breakage. After the test is passed, it can be reinforced with hot glue.
In case of uncertainty, PlAN B should be prepared, as this time the costume was only delivered 2 days before Halloween. In fact, the code is not so difficult, I must first master its basic language logic.

What you would do differently if you had to do it over again

I will reconsider light-transmitting fabrics so that they look good enough under natural light.

During the parade, I will bring my own music player, which can really bring the atmosphere of Chinese culture to the streets of New York.

List of materials and parts used

1. Toy snake*1

2. Battery kit

3. Pingpong ball*2

4. Translucent fabric

5. Electric wire

6. GEMMA*1

7. NeoPixel RGB Mini*2

8. RGB LED Weatherproof flexi-strip

9. Momentary Pushbutton

10. Scissors

11. Sewing kit

12. Soldering tools

Circuit diagram

Arduino code

In-progress images/sketches

Welding circuit
light test
Hide the circuit in the snake
Fabric and lighting test
Sew more than four hours
Almost finish
Add pingpong balls
Code adjustment
Final code import