Xinyue’s Mini Music Stage

Every music lover desires a stage, but not everyone has a stage, and not everyone likes to participate in that kind of public stage. I want to create a new experience for music lovers. Whether it is practicing musical instruments, karaoke, or playing music, the stage will change different effects according to the rhythm. Everyone can have their own music stage!

About Shape

I got inspiration from this stage.

Modeling process

1. Cut Acrylic

I used Rhino to make a model first, and then laser cut it.

2. Making fiber optic tubes

3. Drilling

4. Assembly

5. Combine the Circuit With the Acrylic Frame

5. Fix the fiber tube with hot glue

Circuit and code process

Improvements and prospects:

  1. Add button to change modes, so don’t need upload code to Gemma to change modes.
  2. Separate the base from the column and use the Lego principle to make it easier to assemble, and easy to carry and transport.
  3. The stage can fix any characters or props you like.

Reduce costs and go to the market!

Finally, thank you Corey, Cathy, Qiting, Liam, Gee and all other Pod students! Last but not the least, Becky!!! Superwomen!