Xinyue’s Plush Night Light Proposal

1. Volcano lamp

I want to use the light transmittance of different materials to make a volcano lamp, because active volcanoes often represent danger, it is difficult for people to see the moment of volcanic eruption with our own eyes. I want to restore this moment through textiles and orange Led lights. The moment of volcanic eruption become a light fixture that you can get close to which is really interesting.

Target User: Anyone who likes natural scenery

2. Cave rest house

People are under a lot of pressure in daily life. Sometimes we want to hide in a cave without any interruption, do meditation or read a book in it, and return to the first stage of mankind-living in a cave. In a cave, let’s think about the meaning of life.

Target User: Anyone who likes natural scenery or stressed person

3. Rocket bag

Smoke-spraying rockets surround you, and you are the universe. You can put any wallet, card, any important thing on the rocket bag, and go travel right now!

Target User: Anyone who likes space and flight

3 thoughts on “Xinyue’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. HI, Xinyue. These are all very cool ideas! I don’t know which one you are going with but if I had to pick one of these I would go with the volcano lamp due to the fact that the shape will challenge you in terms of sewing and you have the opportunity of playing with the LED light arrangement on the lava part.

    Good luck!

  2. Love the volcano! We spoke yesterday about this. One thought in terms of the target for this product was to market it to people who visited volcanos in Hawaii or like I did in Iceland. This way it could be a unique gift from these destinations.

    I think using the poly stuffing as your ash and lava would be a great diffuser.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished result

  3. Hi Xinyue, I love the volcano idea! I think it would make for a great night stand lamp. Reminds me of lava lamps, of course! On that note, it would be cool if you could photograph your volcano lamp alongside a lava lamp.

    I think the volcano idea is feasible. You might want to use stuffing to make the smoke, and hide the LED lights underneath it!

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