Cheryl’s Plush Night Light Proposal

These are some sketches of flower and moon shape bed for dogs. For the flower bed, LED lights would be in the bees where they will be stabilized with wires. For the Saturn and moon shape bed, LED light would be in white or yellow, depicting stars.

I am now leaning toward this direction. LED Dinosaurs lamp for kids who are afraid of dark!! I am thinking of using polar fleece as the main fabric, and the LED lights will be the dinosaur’s eyes and nose. Maybe some LED on the wings too.

3 thoughts on “Cheryl’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. Great ideas, my favorite is the dinosaur/dragon. I think you should make a few patterns and then combine them. Also contrast fabrics for the back and stomach would be nice!

  2. Love these ideas. The dinosaurs can also act as a safety plush animal for the kids when they are scared. They can carry it to the doctors or places where they get scared. t’s such a cute concept. I’m thinking maybe the ears of the dinosaurs can also have LED diffuse through them.

  3. Love your dinosaur idea! Maybe try putting the LEDs in the scales on the dino’s back

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