Liam Monaghan Plush Night Light Proposal

A product line of friendly sea creatures that allow for kids to develop an appreciation for sea life and the ocean at large. Centering around life that normally isn’t portrayed in a popular manner. I will be focusing on creating the octopus character for class.

Materials: Pink/Purple Sherpa fabric, zipper for access to battery, thread, googly eyes, circuit and LED’s, Plastic board for light diffusion

  • Octopus with LED’s at the end of each tentacle 
  • Sting ray with LED’s along its tail
  • Shark with LED’s on the tip of each fin


Circuit Diagram for Octopus – need to chain LED’s together

Author: Liamo

Designing sound, objects and experiences

4 thoughts on “Liam Monaghan Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. Hey Liam!

    Curious how you’ll sew this together and what your pattern will look like. Maybe you have a pattern for the bottom, the tentacles, and a different pattern for the head…Idk if that’s more complicated than what you’re currently thinking of.

    I think the tentacles on every side is a bit of a challenge so maybe you’ll just do the front ones. I think using a more transparent fabric for tips of the tentacles I think would help it diffuse and stand out form the rest of the form. A bit of hot glue on the LED may help too.

  2. Hey, Liam. I like the idea of having a full product line of sea creatures. I don’t know if you plan to do them all, but if I had to pick one I would do the stingray. With this one, you have the opportunity to work with an LED strip as well as working with the fabric tension you need to make the fins curve up.

    Good Luck!

  3. Hey Liam. Love the octopus idea. I think it should be fairly simple to do the circuit, just keep in mind you’ll need long wires. Wondering where the switch would go too. Probably at the bottom? Or behind the head?

    I think it’d be cool if you added wire to make the tentacles hold specific positions. See Sarah’s project proposal for a better explanation.

    I think you should totally photograph this in a beach-day or baby or kid’s bathroom setting. For the baby-baty you’d wanna make sure that the toy doesn’t look like it is waterproof of course.

  4. Liam, I really like your idea of octopus, I think it will be more interesting if you can put a little bubble in each foot!

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