Arshi’s plush toy

Three sketches- Brainstorming

  • The first concept is a travel pillow to reduce back pain and neck pain when traveling. Travel pillows are a great option to get some sleep on the go while limiting discomfort.
  • The second option is a sloth pillow- Sloths are slowest of all mammals on earth. They have long arms and long legs and can give you a hug from the back which can provide emotional comfort and allow you to de-stress. They depend on trees for the survival- in this case, the person using the sloth will act as the tree to ensure the survival of the sloth.
  • VEGGIE-BLANKIE : The last option is a blanket for kids who have trouble eating their vegetables or fruits. The concept is to help kids fall in love and appreciate eating vegetables more often.

4 thoughts on “Arshi’s plush toy”

  1. Super cute!! You can start thinking about which parts will you put LED, and how many. Because cotton will make lights dimmer.

  2. I love the egg blanket!! It’s so cute! I think these are all great ideas, especially the sloth pillow and I am wondering maybe the LEDs could be place on the sloth’s arm and hand so its easier to find their arms to wrap around you in dark.

  3. I really like the idea of the blankie! Why don’t you try creating a adult size version of the blankie? babies have enough options these days

  4. Arshi, I love them all! I really love the idea of hug, maybe just touch the hand of toy,then its led is on, it can be more interaction.

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