Giancarlo’s Plush Night Light Proposal

The night light plush that I will be making is in the shape of a free-form body. The intended audience is young children, and the LEDs will be placed along different body parts (head, heart, stomach, hands, feet) — for body awareness and comfort.

The left photo is of my sketches — with purpose, LED circuit and materials (hopefully). Green is my favorite color so I’m hoping that it is possible. Also, I’m planning to put a zipper on the back for easy opening/closing.

The right photo is of my two sewing sketches.

My only concern is that velvet, corduroy and suede all have the tendency to be thick/opaque. I hope this is not the case in terms of LED diffusion.

Also, I do think it would be pretty cool to have a child and parent version, TBD as a result of the single figure.

Lastly, here’s my attempt at wiring all LEDs; however, I could only get 3/7 to light.

One thought on “Giancarlo’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. This is a cool design. I really love how your plush toy brings awareness to the body but at the same time provides you with comfort and gives you a sense of coziness and belonging. The lights could also be used around the face/head area to show expressions. It’s a great start and it would be cool to also have the parent version.

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