Charvi’s Plush Night Toy

  1. How does the flower drink water?

The first idea for my plush night toy gives a simple demonstration of the how the xylem distributes the water and minerals through upward movement in the plant. The aim is to introduce young children to the idea of how nature works, in very small, simple ways.

The circuit would mimic the upward motion of water and finally light up the flower petals.

The veins of the plant and flower petals would be made of a thinner fabric to let more light penetrate through it, while the remaining part would be made of a thick opaque dark green felt fabric.

The button would be placed at the roots and the circuit would have 9 LEDs.

2. Sprinkles Sparkles

The Sprinkle Sparkles is a plush night toy for my cousin who is a baker. it will have 5 colourful LEDs placed around the muffin and stiff fabric with accordion structure placed around as the cupcake wrapper.

3. Post-it Note Plush Toy

This toy cushion is designed for quick power naps in an intensive work environment, like ours. The aim is to have a subtle reminder that to quickly get back to work. The cushion would have a patchwork on top, with a mix of opaque and translucent fabrics and when the lights are turned on, it would look like a post-it wall noticeboard.

3 thoughts on “Charvi’s Plush Night Toy”

  1. Hey Charvi,

    I really like the flower idea. I love that it’s educational and would light up differently that one would have initially thought. I think we’re not supposed to use them but I think plastic straws could be potentially useful for the veins in terms of diffusion.

    I think your target would definitely be parents and maybe educators too.

  2. Hi Charvi. This is such a cool concept. Maybe you don’t need that many LED’s since it might be hard to diffuse it from the roots to the petals. I also love that it’s a toy that everyone can use.

  3. Hi,Charvi!I bought fabrics with you today, and I can see that you choose should also be the first flower. I also like this idea the most. The position of the led on the rhizome is particularly important. I think we can do a little more testing before sewing.

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