Cathy’s Plush Night Light Proposal

3 Ideas


  • Product Name: Hills
  • Target User: People who always lose bracelets and rings in somewhere.
  • Scenario: 15 mins later when you get home, the bracelet hill and the ring hill will remind you to keep your items in the right place for avoiding losing them.
  • Material: 2 different colors’ fabric, 5 LED(3 in white and 2 in blue), a wood box, box cover(fabric probably), chipboard, heavy stone or sth.

Internal Structure

2 thoughts on “Cathy’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. I think the jewelry LED reminder is very interesting and useful, especially getting back home from school, its hard to keep everything organized and in place. I am also thinking of more cone shapes so that it can hold more rings and bracelets.

  2. I love how all your plush toy ideas are so personalised and “so Cathy”! I personally like the idea of the vegetable reminder!

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