Giancarlo’s Halloween Costume

Costume: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Lightsaber and Robe)

The lightsaber will be made out of wood carved on the lathe — see last week’s proposal for pictures of the draft (as I’m currently doing the final model).

The lightsaber will have a hole in the middle, so I can feed the wires through for the LED and the blade of the lightsaber will be a plastic tube with Styrofoam to diffuse and stick the LED NeoPixel.

Link for the robe below


For some reason the Tinkercad doesn’t showcase different colors (and blue in my case) but it previously worked in-person.

Arduino Techniques: Fade, Loop, ON/OFF button (maybe magnetic… for the force). Hopefully I can get my Gemma to work soon.

Purchase list:


4 thoughts on “Giancarlo’s Halloween Costume”

  1. Sounds cool, are you going to work with Liam since you’re both making light sabers? Or at least coordinate your choreo? Your tinkercad circuit looks like it was given RGBW code when it wants RGB. Remove the W and it should work.

    The tubing you linked to is flexible. Nobody wants a floppy lightsaber. You want to look for polycarbonate.

    1. Hello!! Yes, I will collaborate with Liam, Erika and Cathy… We are the Star Wars squad. I’m going to repost my new lightsaber now and definitely get polycarbonate. I messed up ahaha

  2. G, Darth Vader will have 3-4 different light effects. It would be cool if you also have multiple! Oh my god, can’t wait!

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