Charvi’s Frida Kahlo Inspired Halloween Costume

My Halloween Costume is inspired by Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter known for her imaginative self-portraits, unique personal style and floral hair accessories.

For Halloween, I would like to recreate the red-on-red look from one of her iconic images shot at her home, Casa Azul (The Blue House), in Mexico City.

Outfit Details

I could not find the whole image of her outfit from this photo shoot, but based on my research (, her style mostly consisted of a puffed cotton blouse and flared skirt or a layered dress, and always a shawl.

From my own wardrobe

  1. A cotton hand-block printed maxi dress from Anokhi
  2. A maroon embroidered shawl
  3. Red Petticoat or skirt under the the dress to add volume
  4. Layered chunky necklaces
  5. An eyebrow pencil to recreate her signature unibrow look

To buy

  1. Wide headband to form the base of the flowers from Micheals – ( Something like this)
  2. Pink and Red Paper from Blick Materials for Roses
  3. 5 Red LEDs


  1. Make paper roses using this guide –
  2. Set up the circuit on the headband
  3. Place LEDs inside the paper roses
  4. Program the lights to fade and glow up slowly

Materials used

5 Red LEDs, Arduino, Wire, Battery Pack, Resistors, Soldering Iron

TinkerCad Circuit

I am yet to figure out how to integrate the arduino fading/glowing technique and hide away the battery pack inside the costume.

3 thoughts on “Charvi’s Frida Kahlo Inspired Halloween Costume”

  1. Sounds awesome, Charvi! Did you make a circuit diagram yet?

    For someone like Frida who’s famous for portraits, maybe you’d consider, as a stretch goal, creating a small wearable backdrop for your torso? Something like this but casa azul:

    also please put your post in the Works in Progress/Proposals category. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Sharvi!! I really like your costume idea! I’m not quite sure what you’re gonna make light up with LEDs (maybe I missed it) but it definitely has to be the head roses. Good luck!!

  3. Hi Charvi!! I love your idea! If you are looking for artificial roses, I remembered that the Halloween store we went to together sells black and roses too!

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