Final Project concept

For my final project, I want to do a timezone lamp because it’s always hard for me to track what time it is when I need to call my parents or my family who all live in different parts of the world.

The first idea is a globe light. When you touch any part of the world, it lights up and tells you the time in that chosen country.

The second idea is a refrigerator grocery reminder. When I first stock on grocery items, I can input the items by pressing a button which will light up. When a produce is running low, I will immediately know that I need to restock.

The third idea is a timer to better manage my time with my assignments. It’s an orange sliced into 5 pieces. Each slice indicates a 10 mins timer. When all 5 slices timer is up, the orange will light up. To start my 10 mins break, I can remove one of the slice and start it as an individual slice. After my break, I can repeat the cycle.

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