Final Project Concepts

1. Thinking of you

This product comes in a pair, you keep one and gift a loved one the other. When you want to let the person know you’re thinking about them, you can place your palm onto the shape and the other person’s shape will light up. When both yours and their hand are on the shape, both will light up in a different color.

2. long ceiling lamp

Unlike most ceiling lamps which are globe-shaped and hang very high up, I want to create a sculptural light design that is quite flat and at eye level, which you can change the dimness by tapping the center or when you come closer, it dims.

3. FINAL – cube light

Each of the three panels has its own circuit so you can tap change the color on each individual panel by tapping them, allowing for fun, experimental, and truly customizable light experience.

Shopping List
– 3 Standalone Momentary Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout – AT42QT1010
– frosted white acrylic sheets
– LED light strips
– Plastic glue
– Conductive tape

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