Edna Mode

My original idea was to be Sailor Saturn but unfortunately, the main costume won’t be delivered in time so I’ve decided to change to the character Edna Mode from The Incredibles instead.

I will be using a LED light bulb as the tip of her cigarette and have LED a strip running along the inside of the V-shaped pink neck piece.



Shopping list:

1. Cigarette holder
– Red LED bulb – check
– Hollowed bamboo straw – on the way
– cardboard – check
– paint – check
– battery – ?

2. Neck piece
– Satin pink fabric – still need to buy
– LED strip – on the way
– Velcro – check
– Wire – check
– Poly-fill – check
– Arduino – check

3. Other part of the costume
– Glasses – on the way
– Blazer – check
– Dress – check
– Tights – check




  1. Sailor Saturn

My main priority will be her staff. If it works out well, I’ll try to make her bow light up as well.

The blade will be made out of a metallic sheer fabric with LED strips inside. The rest of the outfit, I might buy online.

Shopping List

  • Wooden broom stick – body of the staff
  • Sheer metallic fabric
  • modeling clay/foam
  • on/off button
  • arduino kit
  • Led-strips
  • neopixel jewel
  • LED shoe laces

2. Space Age

I’ll be making this whole outfit from scratch. Both coat and headgear. The two circles on the coat will be lined with LED strips.

Shopping List
– White fabric
– Red fabric
– Led strips
– Zipper
– Patterns
– Arduino kit
– On/off

Charlie the Huggable Chimp

Meet Charlie, a huggable sleeping companion for kids who are afraid of sleeping alone in the dark. The glowing heart represents Charlie’s love for his buddy.

Light on close up
Light off
In the dark
1:1 Pattern
Handsewn/glue gun prototype
Using sewing machine
Tinkercad circuit
Unfortunately only 1 works, I’ll try to redo

Overall, besides the fact that I ran out of time to fix the two lights that didn’t work, this project turns out exactly how I envisioned. There was a lot of trial and error with getting the proportion right and finding suitable fabric.

In the end, this plush toy is perfectly sized and feels very comforting to hug. The soft light draws attention to the heart without being too blinding. Great as a sleep buddy for kids who are afraid of the dark.

It was a lot of fun to use a combination of new skills from soldering, electrical to sewing complex curves with the machine. I had a lot of fun.

With famous supermodel, Cathy

Kaylan’s Plush Toy

The common theme between my 3 concepts is animals with long arms because growing up, I love tying those parts together like ropes and hitting others with those arms.

  1. Octopus
    The suckers on the tenticles will be LED lightbulbs.
  2. Jellyfish
    The legs will each have a LED light strip inside and the body will have fading soft LED glow.
  3. Chimpanzee
    The chimpanzee’s arms will be long enough to hug behind the neck of a child. The magnets at the end will keep them together. The lightbulbs will outline the felt heart, flashing as if the heart is beating.

Roku 1 Media Streamer + Remote Teardown

Roku 1, Remote, and Charger before taken apart

List of the tools and techniques you used to take it apart

– Small screwdrivers for wedging the plastic casing apart and unscrewing the PCB from the bottom casing.

Multiple screwdrivers were needed since it was so tightly shut

– Large flathead screwdriver for prying the casing open.

The yellow screwdriver provided enough support and force to yank it open.

– Small wire-cutting plier for cutting the faraday shields.

The shield came off very easily with this plier

Materials and techniques used for each component

Overview of all the parts

1. Roku’s and Remote casing – made out of ABS plastic. The plastic is heated and injected into a mold to take the shape of the case.

2. Faraday shield – made out of thin aluminum. Made to enclose and block electromagnetic fields.

3. Toshiba TC58NVG1S3HTA00 flash memory – made out of plastic/epoxy

4. Button pad – made out of silicone rubber using a mold. The design and color are UV printed.

5. Circuit board – made out of a combination of prepreg, laminate, copper foil, soldermask, nomenclature, final finish.


1. Toshiba TC58NVG1S3HTA00 – storing data?

2. Samsung K4B4G1646D-BYK0 DRAM Chip – storing data?

3. Broadcom BCM7218 – The brain of the system

4. Broadcom BCM43143 – Wifi IC.

Two interesting design elements

1. The Roku’s plastic case is very tightly shut. I assumed that it was held together with glue since it was so difficult to pry apart but ended up finding no glue at all. It was designed with edges that lock the parts together which does a good job securing all the parts within so that no one will unintentionally open it. 

2. The sheet of buttons is also very fascinating. The way all the raised buttons are connected on a sheet to make sure they all stay together and in order so nothing will get lost or reorganized. 

Hi, I’m Kaylan

Hi everyone, my name is Kaylan Tran. I was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A recent grad of BFA Design at SVA. I picked up a bunch of hands on hobbies like baking, furniture flipping, and knitting etc. so I’m just excited to learn how to make stuff.

Outside of design, I foster for and help run a small Queens-based cat rescue.

My instagram is @trankaylan