Edna Mode

My original idea was to be Sailor Saturn but unfortunately, the main costume won’t be delivered in time so I’ve decided to change to the character Edna Mode from The Incredibles instead.

I will be using a LED light bulb as the tip of her cigarette and have LED a strip running along the inside of the V-shaped pink neck piece.



Shopping list:

1. Cigarette holder
– Red LED bulb – check
– Hollowed bamboo straw – on the way
– cardboard – check
– paint – check
– battery – ?

2. Neck piece
– Satin pink fabric – still need to buy
– LED strip – on the way
– Velcro – check
– Wire – check
– Poly-fill – check
– Arduino – check

3. Other part of the costume
– Glasses – on the way
– Blazer – check
– Dress – check
– Tights – check

5 thoughts on “Edna Mode”

  1. Kaylan this is amazing and a 10/10. I can’t wait to see this, so don’t worry that you couldn’t get your original idea. I agree with Liam that you will be able to pull this off well and maybe get a photo with a random Incredibles character at the parade. There are always some.

  2. Kaylan!! This is such an aptly chosen halloween costume! I’m particularly excited about your light up cigarette prop, and can’t wait to see it in action. It’ll be cool to use an arduino fade blinking animation for a glowing cigarette butt look!

  3. Ohhhh Kaylan! This is really a good idea to you. Hope my dress is useful! You can check in Party Center or Halloween Adventure Shop for other parts of costume.

  4. Edna is such a good choice for you! It would be fun to carry around a tiny Jack-Jack plush toy around with you, with the hair on fire!

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