Cyclops’ Visor


I’m going to be Cyclops from X-Men (specifically from the 90s animated series). I’ll be wearing street clothes with a navy turtle neck under and his signature beam focusing bright yellow visor. The visor will fade on to a bright red, imitating his laser vision. 

Arduino Techniques

I will be using an on/off button to activate the lighting effect. When the on/off button is pressed and held, the light will fade in and continue to increase in brightness till it reaches maximum brightness. If the button is released at any point the light will quickly fade out. 

If time permits, I’m hoping to add a power up sound effect to coincide with the lighting. 


  • 1 Red or RGBW LED strip (12v required)
  • 1 Arduino board
  • 1 on/off button
  • 3 TIP120 Transistors
  • Power Supply 12V, 2A Adapter
  • Connection wires (enough to run + and – from my pocket down my arm and to my hand)
  • Yellow filament

Circuit Diagram

4 thoughts on “Cyclops’ Visor”

  1. hello designercorey! while I am disappointed you didn’t want to join us in our star wars team, I’m very excited to see this project come to life! You have some wonderful technique ideas and I hope you make the sound effects!

  2. Hi, Corey! As an X-Men fan, I am super excited to see this idea come to life. I think you’re gonna be able to execute this idea pretty well. My only recommendation is to try to play with how the LEDs light up. For example, make the LEDs slowly light up until they reach a certain point.

    Good luck!

  3. Hey Corey! X-men was one of my first comics. I like that you are going for a streetwear look with the laser glasses, making the perfect balance between Scott and Cyclops

  4. Hi Corey! I love your idea! I am wondering what material you are going to use for the visor? Maybe some thicker material so when you were it that the light does not directly flash your eyes?

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