Sarah’s Halloween Costume

Crystal Skeleton Materials
Reflective vinyl – iron on
Black long sleeve t-shirt
Black pants
Black lycra mask
Durable plastic skull
Crystal molds
Resin mix + UV curing
Flexible NeoPixel LED strip & battery pack – I plan on using 2-3 strips of 8 LED’s

I’ve adjusted by costume to account for the low light up time of glow in the dark paper. I’ve switched to use reflective vinyl. I think this will still look great and reflect any ambient light around me.

I’m also thinking I’ll cut this flexible LED into 2 -3 strips.

I will cut open the top of the plastic skull head and insert my crystal set. I’m thinking of using blue foam to hold the crystals as well as the led strip/arduino set up. The LED strip(s) will sit inside the blue foam base.

Arduino Techniques:
I want my LED strip(s) to pulse blue light. I will will adjust the brightness of the LEDs to do this. Following this repetitive blue light pulse I want the strips to perform a rainbow display before switching back to the blue pulse.

8 thoughts on “Sarah’s Halloween Costume”

  1. Love this concept and super excited to see it! I think 3D printing the the crystal mold might be less risky than trying to cask a mold. Talk to Corey!

  2. Woahh!! This is great, and definitely a favorite hahah It reminds me of the KAWS skeleton that was originally a piece of art and was just featured in Fortnite. You need to get a photo running or jumping lol

  3. Super fun idea! It looks like you thought about your materials thoroughly and will be able to execute this well. Can’t wait to the see the final product. It could be cool to sequence the blue LED’s so that they light up in a pattern from first to last.

  4. WOW! Sarah, this is such a great idea, and I’d love to see some process photos and videos if you end up doing the resin casting!

  5. Oh my god!!! This is one of my favorite ideas. Remember to take nice photos for the process, materials, and outcomes. Super cool!

  6. Additionally, you can think about the “light diffusion”. Try different materials to cover the LED and find the best one!

  7. Hey After seeing the Post Malone video, I am absolutely positive your execution would be impeccable. Really looking forward to your Halloween costume! I think the switch to reflective vinyl is a good decision.

  8. Sarah, this is such a brilliant idea. I have used reflective vinyl before and I think it’s going to look awesome. They also sell the stick on- but I think the Iron will work best in this situation. Either way, you have really well thought of the whole process and I cant wait to see the final look. You’re going to rock it 🙂

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