Arshi final halloween costume

Harley Quinn- Final costume

Character overview: Harley Quinn is a character in the comic books published by DC Comics. Harley has often been said to have a demented mind, but she is also very intelligent. She is known to be messy, There’s little reason to Harley’s moods, which makes her impossible to predict. But above all, Harley strives to enjoy life. 

Why I chose Harley Quinn?

I chose Harley Quinn because her personality is the complete opposite of mine so I wanted to explore what it would feel like to embody somebody else for a night.

Final look
Harley Quinn (left) with her impersonator (right)

Costume Summary

My costume consists of a red dress that is ripped on the side to represent the original Harley Quinn costume which has a slit to her thighs.

Cons of the Costume
  • It was a cold day and my costume was not made for the cold weather, however, I was having so much fun, I often forgot about how cold it was.
  • 3D printing the bat was harder than I had imagined. It took multiple trial and error to come up with a good model.
  • It was a challenge to fit the LED strip inside of the bat. It would not stick to the end of the bat, so I had to find different ways from epoxy glue, to three different types of tape and superglue, nothing was really helping. My last resort was to glue a piece of cloth on the inside and then attach the LED strip on top of the piece of cloth. So the end result ended up looking like hot glue- cloth- more hot glue- LED strip- again more hot glue – Tadaaaaa!!! it worked. The LED strip stayed in place all night. (hot glue gun is officially my best friend)
Soldering Process Video

Tinkercad Circuit

Tinkercad Code

Process pictures


The process of soldering the LED strip was more challenging that I thought. Because I cut the strip into three different pieces, (to accommodate the turning in the bat), I ended up having to solder more than required. After consulting with Becky, I found out that I didn’t have to cut the LED strip. For next time, I know what to do.

I didn’t expect that it would be so hard to insert the LED strip inside the bat. I think the issue was how narrow it was at the bottom, so if i had to redo the bat, I would accommodate the width of the LED strip and battery.

3D printing the bat turned out to be a challenge in itself, but after I saw the end results, everything became worth it. It’s a much better choice than buying a plastic bat.