Erika’s final costume

Rey (Skywalker-Palpatine)

Rey’s character is one I not only look up to but also identify with personality-wise. Her costume was harder to put together than I thought, I bought muslin, leather straps, ace bandage, and brown boots as her accessories (and used some of them for the light saber handle). But because it was cold, I had to resort to long sleeves and layers which I left took away from the actual look.

As for the light saber, there was a ton of trial and errors, prototyping, and testing for both the light part and the handle part. A couple things that I felt I had to compromise on:

  • light diffusion (we opted for a slightly more transparent light diffusion to keep the sword thin and sleek)
  • the saber design wasn’t exactly how I pictured it would look. I went with cardboard cups taped up, and a PVC tube and parts that was cut, drilled into, and spray painted.
  • The length of the light saber was shorter than I’d like.

Process photos:

Arduino code: