Cheryl’s IoT & Final Brainstorming

The first idea is a clock lamp where the time will light up when you wave to it. I am a person that likes to sleep very late, and hope to make something that can improve my daily routine and remind me to sleep earlier, so I am thinking of setting specific time to light up in different colors. (For instance, red color after 12 am.)

One of my dog BuBu is a trouble maker, trash can is his treasure box, and he would always dig through the trash. So for my second idea, I wanted to make a triangle trash can that will be placed in the corner. There will be a sensor on the trash can, when BuBu comes close to the trash can, the light will turn red, and pre-recorded voice “NO” will play(or a vibration effect).

The last sketch is a combination of the first two ideas. I am thinking of making a storage box for my dogs’ food. When its time to feed them, the time will light up and the speaker will play ” MoMo BuBu its time to eat!”.

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