Monica’s IoT homework and final project ideas

Ideas for the final

1. “Have a meal” display

This is a display on your snack pantry/drawer door that screams at you to go have a meal when you try to open the pantry during meal times.

It would connect to the internet to know the time, and would have a motion sensor as an input. The output would be either a message that says “HAVE A REAL MEAL, NO SNACKING”, or a sound bit that says something fun like “Nah! Nope! You go to that fridge and have a real meal right now!”

2. Anti-overwhelm trash can

Every day we get at least a few things thrown onto our plates. What if we could off-set this continuous burden by literally throwing out something, anything, at the end of the day?

The anti-overwhelm trash can is a trash can with a smart scale at the bottom. The scale senses when a new piece of trash is thrown out, and notes down the weight of that piece of trash. The trash can will then connect to the internet and send a message to the user telling them how much weight they’ve gotten off of their shoulders that day!

3. Student mood clock-in

Students often don’t communicate how they are feeling to their teachers or academic advisors. Often it is out of shame, or because there is no system to give this feedback. Eventually, students get overwhelmed and begin getting sick. This is when the faculty starts noticing that things are off. What if we could shorten this delay in student-mood feedback and prevent burnout before it even happens?

The student mood clock-in is inspired by the now ancient act of clocking in at work. The students essentially clock-in their mood at the beginning of the day, and an internet-connected system then collects the data on a spreadsheet. This data can get get charted into graphs for easier visualization of unhappiness and burnout trends.

Arduino IoT homework

Note: Having issues connecting the huzzah to wifi. Will try again after our 5-8pm class ends!