Sarah’s IoT work & Final Proposal

Internet of Things homework:

Connecting to my wifi:

Soldering ESP8266 

Final Project Proposals

  1. What can my laptop charger cook?

I’ve always wondered as my laptop/charger burned my skin wtf it gets so hot.

I was curious if it was possible to use an overheating laptop/charger to cook something…turns out there is thanks to the internet I found this tweet.

I want to create a satirical product that lets you know when your laptop or charger is hot enough to cook with.

The product can come in two pieces. One piece will take the temperature of an electronic like an Apple charger. And it send the temp information to a visual thermometer which will tell you how hot your charger is in relation to what it can cook.

180° F = chocolate chip cookie
250° F = fried egg

2. Womens Sports on TV

I have recently gotten more into sports and try to specifically watch women’s sports. They are crazily underfunded and under supported.

Women make up 40% of all participants in sports—yet somehow receive only 4% of sports media coverage. 

Because women’s sports aren’t highly publicized or marketed I often miss women’s games. I want to create an object that lets me know when a women’s game is coming on TV. It will show the sport, the channel, and the time. I will do this using the ESPN’s API.

  • Extension
  • I’d also like to expand upon the product so I can make more of a statement about this gender disparity in sports. If possible, I’d like each day to total the amount of mens sports that was shown on TV in comparison to women’s and create a twitter account that will automatically tweet this data directly at ESPN.


Often when I work at a desk I don’t walk around enough. I want to make a decorative device, SLITHER, that I can place at my desk to remind me of how much I’ve walked that day. Each full curve will represent 1,000 steps equalling a 5,000 step goal. LED lights will light up the snake from back to front as my steps increases.

I’d like this to be pink acrylic with wooden edges. I think both the wood and the pink acrylic would have to be laser cut to get these narrow cuts.

Front view of SLITHER

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