Liam’s IoT & Final Project Planning

Final Project idea

I was inspired by this help desk with infinity light illusion, to create a DJ table with this effect built in. The LEDs would also pulse or moved with the music that is playing. The turntables and mixer would be inlaid into the desk and sit flush underneath the table top. The lights would be seen the entire length of the front and only go a couple of inches deep. The rest of the desk would feature cubbies for cables or record storage.


Bill of Parts

  1. 3/4 Playwood
  2. Wood Veneer Edging
  3. Neo Pixel strips
  4. Battery pack
  5. Glass sheet
  6. Mirror window tint

Creation of Adafruit and IFTT Accounts

I was able to create both accounts and read through the project files. However, I was still having wifi connectivity issues as I did with last weeks homework. I tried multiple hotspots this time but nothing worked. Below is a video of my Arduino attempting to connect. Chester said he will be connecting the new wifi router tomorrow though!

Author: Liamo

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