Giancarlo — more IoT exercises and Final ideation

Final Project

Here is a continuation of my final project ideation. I’m going to continue with the spray can and chairs (two separate projects). Ideally, I would like the spray can to work on adobe or similar software, as a digital spray can (with varying stroke weights) similar to a wacom pen without the pen pad. For the chairs, I am pretty pumped from them, as I’m currently designing a set of chairs to be used. I am unsure how I would like for the telepresence part to be shown on each, a heat map would be amazing, but I think that’s outside of the scope for this project. If possible, it would be great, though. I don’t know which will be the main focus (but why not both).

So, here are the materials that will be needed for the digital spray can:

  1. Spray Can casing (which I will 3D print on the machine Liam and I now own)
  2. LED
  3. Sensor/Button
  4. Arduino Feather (or another WiFi capable board)
  5. LED screen/Interface (for the spray can to interact with)

Materials needed the telepresence chairs:

  1. Chair Frames (CNC’d)
  2. LEDs (for telepresence)
  3. Sensor (to be notified when the chair is being used)
  4. Arduino Feather (2x for each of the chairs to interface with each other)


Unfortunately I couldn’t connect to any working WiFi, like last week, for the IoT homework (although I did try 3 hotspots and 2 routers). So I did not have any luck with continuing with the sensor and Adafruit compatibility. I do have the accounts made for each, though.