Erika’s Final – 1min Punch Break

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Take a Break, Let it Out

We’d probably all agree that physical release can be the most satisfying and relieving outlet when stress levels are high or a burst of adrenaline runs through our veins.

The One Minute Punch Break creates a healthy space for frustrations and pent up emotions, designed to turn tension into release and then a smile. Intended to be mounted on the walls of offices and co-working spaces, the massive button starts a 60-sec LED timer while each punch you make is reflected on the counter.

Is working from home driving you insane? Does your office need an anger zone? Or do you find yourself needing an outlet before a big presentation? You probably need to make yourself one of these…

STEP 1: Sketches

STEP 2: Code

STEP 3: Build

STEP 4: Finishing touches!


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