Hi, I’m Brydon

I was born in the scorching suburbs of East Melbourne, though I managed to escape the blasted pit of Victoria under the auspices of my father. I grew up in the milder city of Shanghai under the care of my grandmother. No longer having to deal with the skin-flaying sun and the flesh-eating creatures, I was able to flourish and grow as normal.

I graduated with a BFA in game design from NYU, I specialize in pixel art and pixel prototyping on Game Maker Studio 2 and Unity. Nowadays I tend to my plants at home, far away as possible from the hateful devil-breath summer of Victoria.

I look forward to low stakes sewing, as well as soldering once again. I’m not quite apprehensive of soldering as I’ve already been burnt by the iron, it’s paltry business once you’ve escaped the melting entombment called “life” in Australia.

Figure 1. I wasn’t sure where the camera was.

Come look at my plants!

Instagram: @b.z.h.y

Figure 2. My dear Robin, my most beloved.
Figure 3. New seedlings.
Figure 4. My tender greens.
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