Hii, I’m Sama :)

Heyy, I’m Sama! I was born and brought up in the Bay Area, California, but have been back and forth between there and nyc since doing my bachelor’s in the city (also because of covid 😭). I’ve mostly been doing digital art and design, but I’m excited to get back into sketching and making and trying new things like tufting and sewing. I’ve gotten into crocheting over the summer so that was a good start into using my hands again, which I actually really missed! I’ve also become obsessed with super quirky, functional yet useless products and that might be something fun to explore in this class as well.

Before coming to PoD, I was working as a junior product designer at a tech start-up where I quickly figured out it was NOT my cuppa tea. But, I’m really interested in starting my own thing/entrepreneurship so I can make work I really like and not make money for random old men 😬. If you have any advice, I would love to hear it!

I’m a big foodie, so I definitely have multiple lists 0n my google maps of places I want to go to try foods. I’m always down to try something new as well! I started to cook more with my brother this summer, which was fun, but now that we’re not together I need to get used to cooking and eating for just myself. Now, my goal this year, is to learn how to cook Indian food!

My instagram is @anewsama !

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