Apple Ipod Nano Teardown

So the device that I chose to teardown was the Apple Ipod Nano.

Step1: The first step to tear it all apart is to use the heat gun and expose the screen to a lot of heat , this way the glue that is keeping the entire device together loosens up.

After a couple of tries, the glue loosened up pretty quickly. Then I tried to force the glass to come apart.

Step 2: Once the glass comes apart, it was pretty easy to tear down the rest of the parts. I had to unscrew the tiny screws that are used to secure the circuit board and battery that is beneath the metal sheet.

Step 3 : Once I removed all the screws, I could see the circuit board, battery, battery outlet and earphone outlet.

Step 4 : The final layer is to remove the screws that is responsible for holding the clip (the part that helps you clip the Ipod to your clothing). This part was quite tricky though because the screws were glued into place, so I had to use the heat gun to repeatedly heat the shell to loosen up the glue. Once I successfully removed the screws, this was the final result.

Tools I used for this teardown:

Heat Gun, Screwdrivers (Very small), X-acto Knife.

Materials and Techniques:

  1. All of the metals are Aluminum. It is an excellent material because it’s lightweight, durable and at the same time strong.
  2. LCD screen.
  3. Tiny Screws.
  4. Logicboard and Battery
  5. Headphone Jack and Dock Connector

Some of the techniques used to secure all the parts and keep them intact is that apple secured them all together in a tight space without any gaps, they also use very strong glue that will not come apart unless by force.

Two Design Elements that I appreciate:

  1. The size of the product. The designers have chosen the perfect size for the purpose of listening to music, the user could carry it anywhere and everywhere and wont have to worry about it taking up space.
  2. The intention of having just an LCD touch screen without having any other buttons or functions. It looks very chic and also is easy to use.
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