Brydon’s Plush Night Light Proposal

Lantern fish with corresponding circuit.
God from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, to fill the room with the Holy Spirit for those who may fear to tread in the dark.
Childhood duckling toy with glowing eyes.

For my plush night light, I really honed into the idea of remaking a duck toy I had when I was very young. It was my most memorable and earliest stuffed animal so I think it would be really neat if I could make it with some added bells and whistles.

For the body and head of the duck, I have decided to order some yellow wool felt fabric (1.4mm thick), it will arrive shorty on Thursday night/Friday Morning. As for some of the other elements on the body, I have decided to use leather. The leather I ordered has already arrived and I have been playing around with it for a little bit.

Cutting the “P” button in the leather
Leather component experiments with stitch holes punched with chisel and mallet.

The target user is a child aged 5-8 who may have become a lot more autonomous and independent in many tasks and activities but they still may require some help to encourage them to not be afraid of the dark. This particular night light is meant to be placed in a child’s first bedroom. In other words this night light I meant to assist children who are essentially sleeping without their parents for the first time. The shape is curved and bulbous while the color is warm and welcoming, offering a benevolent glow as if it is a mystical little sidekick in a wholesome animated movie.

7 thoughts on “Brydon’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. Personally, I really love the idea of lantern fish, it will be great if it has a fading effect on light.

  2. I love all the ideas but the duck is so cute!! Also love the incorporation of the leather and making it an elevated version of your childhood toy!

  3. I love the qualities and features you have mentioned for the duckie plushie! The letter could be a personalize feature, where it could be the initial of your name. Maybe you could add a cute, fluffy tail also to the duck that would light up.

  4. Hi Brydon!

    Surprisingly all three of your idea give off very different vibes. The latern fish gives off kinda scary and kinda cute, the God one gives off converting religions lol, and the duck is just plain adorable!

    I love the lantern fish idea, it really reminds me of that one scene in Finding Nemo!

    I do love the duck idea the best so I’m glad you’re moving forward with it! You should use a blue blanket and use that to make waves when photographing the duck!

  5. I really like the Monty Python idea! I think you could recreate a scene to photograph your night light. Maybe you could add a voiceover and create a short video!

  6. I love the childhood duckling toy, and also the leather element, a good choice for your concept!

  7. I really like the customized duckling toy. It would be lovely to see it in a bedroom. Maybe you can also put LEDs around the P and diffuse the light.

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