Nigel’s Glow On Nightlight

Hi Everyone!

The story behind this project stems from a song by the band Turnstile. People often look to music as an escape from the real world. This night light is to be placed in a window for people walking the streets and act a symbol to passersby that they are not the only one dealing with dark thoughts or negativity. It is meant to GLOW and act as a light to let others not they are not in this alone. The heart is a symbol to express love and gratitude for others and encourage everyone to let their authentic self glow like this light. Here’s my process and the final result!

Here’s the song Alien Love Call – Turnstile for those interested in checking it out 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nigel’s Glow On Nightlight”

  1. Great work, Nigel! Congrats on letting your curiosity about this medium drive your bravery in trying out something new. I’ve seen folks shave the front of the rug to cut the loops with a set of electric beard/hair clippers. Thanks for making such an easy-to-digest video presentation. Perhaps in the future you might be interested in adding some conductive yarn to some of the areas and making a rug with capacitive touch sensing areas.

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